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The Trend is Your Friend. The actual source of who said that is unknown but the statement remains to be the Holy Grail of the most successful traders. The biggest profits in Forex can be made by following the bigger trends. TrendViper, a pedominate trend in forex trend indicator is specifically designed to help you recognize and follow trends based on Moving Average Crossovers and the Average Directional Index. We added a few additional features that will be helpful to pedominate trend in forex trader using MT4 charts.

TrendViper has been designed from the ground up with novice traders in mind but the trend indicator also tailors to experienced traders. The Smart Display window positioned on the right corner in your trading chart shows dynamic price information by tick and it lets you have a quick insight into upper time frames without the need for tracking the price action in multiple windows.

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Here is a complete break down of the display functions. Recognize strong trends and capture bigger market moves. The MT4 Trend Indicator will help you to see trends formed by moving averages and their crossovers. It provides an uncluttered overview. Using ten indicators at once is often confusing and counter-productive. The main job of the TrendViper is to smooth out the price action and eliminate market noise to form a clearer picture of existing trend.

Following trends is where the big money is in Forex but trading them is a real challenge for most traders.

This is where the MT4 trend indicator will come in handy. The Smart Display will also give you immediate insights into current trends and candle direction on upper time frames. Thus making the following of major trends even easier. This video is almost 3 minutes long and shows 45 minutes of real time trading. Trading H1, H4, D1 is recommended. FREE trading signals — No monthly or annual fees! TrendViper will generate trading signals based on predefined settings. In addition to big arrows drawn on the charts the signals can be delivered as a small pop up window with a sound alert as seen in imageemail message, or a push notification sent to your mobile device such as phone or tablet.

Once the trend indicator is installed and running you will be able to receive free trading pedominate trend in forex continuously without any monthly fees. You will no longer need to stay glued to your monitor screen for hours waiting for a favorable setup.

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Use H1, H4, D1 charts for greater accuracy of the signals and to capture bigger market moves. One to two good trades a week is all you really need to succeed. Once you receive a signal we recommend taking a look at your charts and pedominate trend in forex it with price action patterns. Signals can be sent directly to your mobile and email.

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In addition to arrows on the chart and pop ups in MetaTrader our custom MT4 trend indicator will also send email alerts and push notifications to your mobile.

The email alerts, as well as other notifications can be switched ON or OFF in the indicator settings. The trading signals can also be delivered to your mobile via a push notification. In order for pedominate trend in forex to work you will need to install the Meta Trader 4 App on your mobile. Push notifications are sent almost instantaneously and pedominate trend in forex of that they are much faster than email.

In order to receive the trading signals to your email address or your phone, your MetaTrader 4 needs to pedominate trend in forex configured with your server details, перспективы бизнес- брокеров account, phone number, and it needs to be running.

Fast and lightweight script.

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It will easily run on multiple charts. Unfortunately many custom Что такое тильт в трейдинге indicators work slowly or even crash the MetaTrader software. Moreover, when you try to remove them from your trading platform they leave a logo or other pedominate trend in forex on your screen requiring you to add the indicator again or reinstall your entire MT4 platform, which can be a very frustrating process.

TrendViper is easy to install and run on your MT4 but it is also just as easily removed, if required.

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Although our trend indicator is quite a comprehensive tool it is still very lightweight because it was programmed from pedominate trend in forex ground up to be extremely fast and responsive.

Not only will it run on multiple charts but it can also run with different settings on each chart. The end result is that you can easily run TrendViper on multiple charts without slowing down the performance of your Pedominate trend in forex.

Completely transparent system to help the trader.

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There are many custom Forex indicators out there that hide certain information from users. For example, some indicators will generate buy and sell arrows on MA lines crossovers but they will hide the Moving Averages and only show the arrows.

This is done mostly to make users believe there is a lot of complex calculation going on in the background, where pedominate trend in forex some cases this is simply not true.

However, we feel a trader should always be well informed and seeing the layout of the MA lines helps in determining the structure of a trend. Technical explanation of how the trend indicator is built.

Please note that all default settings can be modified by the user. The arrows and the trading signals are automatically generated when the two moving averages cross and when the specified ADX Average Directional Index threshold is met. Moving averages are my gurus. To maximize the winning potential of the moving average crossover strategy in adapting markets we added a few additional filters: Generally it is accepted that when the ADX level is above the value of 25 there is a considerable price movement which points to a presence of a trend.

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The default ADX filter threshold for the arrows and the signals is set at This can pedominate trend in forex modified in the settings. Some traders consider 22 or even 20 Forexgun to be a good enough value. Lowering the ADX threshold will result in more signals being generated by pedominate trend in forex system.

No signals will be generated if the ADX приложения форекс is below the set threshold. On the Trend Power bar visible in the Smart Display all red bars represent values below The first green bar is a value above The actual values of the ADX power bar visually represented in bars are as follows: Naturally, more green bars indicate higher ADX value which suggests a stronger trend. The trend on the upper time frame is calculated using pedominate trend in forex exact same settings.

In some instances confirmation of the trend on higher time frames can save you from potentially trading against a predominant trend. In the default automatic setting the Smart Display will show the trend direction according to the defined MA crossovers on the next 2 upper time frames. In the indicator settings this can pedominate trend in forex set to a manual mode and any two time frames can be chosen by the user.

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For example Immediately after the MA crossover or with Minimum Distance in Points which can be defined in the next setting.

The signals will still need to meet the set ADX threshold to be issued. The default option will generate a slightly belated signals but most traders prefer each MA crossover signal to be confirmed with a candle close. Fully customizable.

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It can work with any trading system. TrendViper is a very powerful trading tool that can be used successfully by novice, as well as a professional traders.

Essential technical and visual features can be modified or switched off, making our MT4 trend indicator a very versatile tool that can be used entirely on its own or with any other trading system.

Here is a breakdown of all the available settings and options with a brief explanation for each. See backtesting results below. In order to configure and tweak this indicator you can experiment pedominate trend in forex modifying the most important settings in TrendViper, which are: Settings can be modified to reflect your pedominate trend in forex strategy.

There are many possibilities. Here is a quick look at фиксация безубыточности форекс automated results.

TrendViper can be used in many ways. The indicator was backtested on Meta Trader 4 within an expert advisor to see how it performs. We used the most precise measuring method with historical price data.

Past results do pedominate trend in forex guarantee future results. The TrendViper indicator should be used with human input in the trading process and analysis of price action patterns. However, the above results are good examples that show how this indicator can perform. Easy to follow strategy. pedominate trend in forex


No need to over-complicate your charts. The beauty of the TrendViper indicator is that it is simple to use but pedominate trend in forex very versatile. Many novice traders over-complicate their trading charts, sometimes viewing more than 5 indicators at once. In these type of a set ups some indicators will send conflicting signals and the pedominate trend in forex may feel mentally exhausted after each trading session.

When it comes to financial markets a simple strategy is often considered to be much more effective. Here is a brief look at a simple trading strategy that can be used with TrendViper. When the fast MA green line crosses the slow MA red line it may be a potential trade.

You will also receive a signal alert arrow, popup, and email or push notification Confirm the signal with the Trend Power bar which represents the ADX level. Presence of at least one green bar indicates ADX level is above 25 and confirms the presence of a stronger trend.

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pedominate trend in forex Confirm the signal pedominate trend in forex the trend on upper time frames. If the trend on the upper time frame is the same, there is a greater probability that the trend will continue. Finally, you can confirm the signal with the candle on upper time frames. If the candle pedominate trend in forex the same direction of the trend, it might be a good time to enter.

One of the best setups, reaching a high success rate is when there is a MA crossover signal and all the other indicators in the TrendViper display visible on the chart support it and point to the same direction as the signal. So if the signal is up, indicating a bullish trend, all supporting indicators in the display are in green.

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